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The mind is critical to the way we experience the world and think about ourselves. The mind’s ability to learn and process knowledge helps us grow in so many ways. The way the mind perceives and reacts to external forces often determines how we fare when adversity strikes or when rare opportunities present themselves. By cultivating self-awareness and expanding knowledge, the mind can be a powerful engine in your personal growth journey.

Enhance your mind through these behaviors:

  • Develop habits that promote prioritization and deliberate planning.
  • Sharpen your ability to focus and concentrate on important tasks.
  • Constantly seek out and consume quality content that can expand your knowledge and impact your life in positive ways.
  • Embrace opportunities to go beyond the surface and engage in meaningful and critical analyses of topics you care about through writing and conversations.


Microhabit Ideas

  • Write down your thoughts - even thoughts that seem small and trivial. They don't even have to be creative, original thoughts but could be a statement of fact, a quote from a book, or a new word you learned that day. Try to do this once a day with the goal being that you'll instinctively write down your thoughts several times a day. The act of writing can be a helpful form of meditation and self-reflection. Having a written record of your thoughts and observations can also come in handy when you try to recall ideas or tidbits of information later on.
  • Keep track of your reading. Every 90 days, make a list of books you want to read. Hit up sources like our Growth Library, Ryan Holiday's recommended books email, or Tim Ferriss's podcast to get ideas on what to read, or ask your friends for recommendations. Have another list of completed books where you keep track of all the books you've read, including when you finished. By writing down a few notes down about the most valuable takeaway from the book, you’ll improve your recall and maintain the utility of having read the book in the first place. When you look back a year later, you'll be amazed.

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The Other Elements