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Nostalgia & Productivity: 34 Computer & Video Game Soundtracks to Make You Work Better

Why listen to game soundtracks while you work? You probably associate video games with play, so they may trigger fond thoughts. Most games soundtracks are uptempo and will help keep you in the rhythm of work. Video and computer game soundtracks are specifically designed to get you and keep you in the game, focused on playing while also enjoying the atmosphere. What better way of getting you into a “flow” state than listening to music designed to keep you there?

 The Grove Ave Team has specially curated 33 songs that may have you yearning for the "good old days" momentarily but will also get you on your way to getting things done and building a better future. Playlist with links to each of the individual soundtracks on YouTube are below:

  1. Myst
  2. Civilization VI
  3. Simcity
  4. Police Quest 3
  5. Grim Fandango
  6. Curse of Monkey Island
  7. Dune
  8. Warcraft 2
  9. Gabriel Knight 2
  10. Command and Conquer
  11. Dota 2
  12. League of Legends
  13. Tetris
  14. GoldenEye
  15. Streets of Rage
  16. Star Fox 64
  17. Altered Beast
  18. Donkey Kong Country
  19. Chrono Trigger
  20. Final Fantasy 7
  21. Final Fantasy 6
  22. Final Fantasy 3
  23. Legend of Zelda
  24. Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time
  25. Street Fighter 2
  26. Sonic the Hedgehog
  27. Mega Man 2
  28. Mega Man X
  29. Castlevania
  30. Castlevania Symphony of the Night
  31. Metal Gear Solid
  32. Secret of Mana
  33. Halo

BONUS: Did you enjoy playing Sierra's adventure games from back in the day? Check out the King's Quest V soundtrack and recall the torturous desert and how the mongoose beats the snake and the raincloud beats the fire.

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