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We know that deep, rejuvenating sleep can jumpstart your day and greatly improve performance in many areas of your life. Whether it’s getting enough sleep or improving the quality of your sleep, maximizing and optimizing your sleep is key to feeling better and making the most of your time while awake.

Improve your Sleep by embracing these behaviors:

  • Get enough sleep each night to feel refreshed in the morning (if possible, 7 hours minimum).
  • Adhere to a consistent sleep schedule and wind-down routine.
  • Optimize your sleeping conditions (e.g. light, temperature, bedding)
  • Prep your body for deep sleep (e.g. staying away from excessive alcohol, eating too late, etc.)


Microhabit Ideas

  • Charge your phone in an adjacent room, not your nightstand. How many times have you wanted and tried to go to bed, but instead scrolled endlessly on Buzzfeed, BoredPanda, imgur, or a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Reddit? Take away the temptation to go on one of these bottomless-pit platforms and put your phone charger in another room. When you’re ready to go to bed, put your phone there so that you won’t be tempted to scroll through an endless amount of content that just wastes time and steals your hard-earned sleep time.
  • Read a book right before bed. Novels or biographies are good choices. If you're reading off of a device, make sure the blue light is turned off. As you relax in bed with your book, reading can help you get drowsy and fall readily asleep. If your body is ready for it, just a few minutes of reading can get you feeling sleepy. If you're wired, reading for 30 minutes or an hour can do the trick.

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